URDC Device to ControlPanel

URDC (Universal Remote Device Control) - Remote control devices universal system.

To develop a device to be controlled remotely, rather focus on the development of a functional part of the project, while the remote control system is taken off the shelf.

Connected as simple as possible, without the need for complex design works, implementation, testing, without resorting to substantial costs for the purchase of equipment and support for the communication system. Thus remote communication tasks are passed on URDC system, and you can be sure that this system is the most stable and debugged, because the technology uses a large number of device developers.

URDC continuously developing, improving, adding new features and capabilities, taking into account the wish of every developer who uses in its projects URDC system.

Block diagram of the system components with module GPRS connection to the device:

component scheme gprs


This diagram shows that URDC system covers the entire chain of communications - from the device to the device control panel.

On the device side URDC is special library and a simple open programming interface (Read more).

On the opposite side - the control panel.

The circuit components in the case of use as an Internet service provider - a regular computer:

component scheme pc

Все просто!

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